Friday, March 11, 2016

Get Into the Directors' Chair

Warner Bros. Pictures launches yet another Emerging Film Directors' Workshop to incubate your cinematic talent.

While we struggling and slightly starving filmmakers, video artists and digital content creators welcome the thought of a salary, noted million dollar mentor and access to Warner Bros. Pictures, selecting only five (5) potential emerging film directors out of a spool that must be limitless and daunting casting. Might I suggest Hollywoodteurs (yes, I coined this term), attend emerging and diverified film festivals, scan YouTube, peruse Vimeo, access Artist-in-Residence participants, and scour emerging filmmaker websites to court and woo potential and innovative filmmakers whose filmatic flourishes catches a fancy suit's eye driven from the creator's unique vision and sui generis voice.

For us, emerging filmmakers, of course, we must apply, what else is there for an emerging artist in a land where Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump are the zenith of popularity alongside of 'Deadpool?' However, consider this, as you gather up your documentation, tweak your essay, update your bio, and link your samples to apply and spend days, weeks, months waiting for word from WB:

  • Brainstorm an Idea or Story
  • Research the Idea
  • Write a Script
  • Get a Producer
  • Set a Budget - $0.00 is a budget in the indie film world
  • Cast
  • Assemble a Crew - in 2016 a Producer and a Director can equate a Film Crew
  • Schedule a Shoot
  • Grab a Camera (Mobile Device, Ipad, Laptop, HD, Film, Video) 
  • Shoot
  • Edit
  • Screen the Finish Project (Online, Home, Film Festivals)
In the end, the most important thing is to repeat this process and to be innovative, original and place something new, and if not new, because we all know this is the ultimate challenge, at least something that is fresh and feels new and inspires other emerging talents -- even a man in a $5,000 made-to-measure suit to launch.