Thursday, January 14, 2016

The 2016 Oscar Nominations Are. . . .

THE 2016 OSCAR NOMINATIONS have been announced. The current members of the Academy has brought forth a listing the is pretty much the same and reflective as the very first list of cinema professionals from the year 1929.

Greenlight is a blog dedicated to presenting opportunities to the diversification of filmmakers and cinema. Greenlight shares information on fellowships, grants, and filmmaker residencies to showcase a broad range of films with a wide range of genre and storytelling.

When filmmakers of all classification can greenlight their own productions and share engaging stories, innovative camera operation, dynamic cinematography and a wide range of cast and crew members who bring their vision into fruition, only then will the academy evolve to an Oscar list of nominations that captures the essence and culture of the American landscape rather the economic and marketing strategies of Hollywood.

When that Oscar nomination list appears, Greenlight will gladly provide you with a link. Until then. . . . .STAY TUNED.