Wednesday, September 9, 2015

BE BRAVE, BOLD and you will change our world. The Brave New Fellows Program is seeking passionate, driven, and creative people who use visual storytelling to re-image, reconstruct and advance our world.

The Brave New Fellows Program envisions a world where visual storytellers from all backgrounds have a voice and a place to create impactful media. BNFP needs you. Reports, statistics, think tanks, demographics and Hollywood movie release after movie release continue to display the dearth disparities and complete lack of opportunities for cross-cultural innovation, imaginative ideas, fresh storytelling and originality.

Part of BNFP's mission is to break down the systemic barriers that limit opportunities for people of color and people from marginalized communities by empowering fellows with tools and training to become stronger activists and versatile advocates for social justice all while making film, networking and developing your voice.

As a fellow, you will champion social justice, inspire media, empower themselves, motivate corporation, engage community and truly make a difference through civic participation. If this sounds like you, learn more at: